Emlid Reach RS3

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Emlid Reach RS3 – New with tilt compensation and UHF 450 TRIMTALK.

The Emlid Reach RS2+ antenna has proven itself as an outstanding price-performance product in the fields of land surveying and mapping. With its impressive precision as well as ease of use, it has facilitated the work of many professionals. Now Emlid presents the next generation of its GNSS antenna, the Reach RS3. The new Reach RS3 combines advanced technology with ease of use. It is not just an advancement, but a real leap forward and no longer has to hide from any of its competitors. In this article, we dive deeper into the RS3’s features and how it differs from its predecessor.

Robust and powerful system

The Emlid RS3 combines robustness with technical sophistication. Its polycarbonate housing is covered with an elastic, rubber-like plastic – the elastomer. This gives the GNSS antenna not only impressive shock resistance, but also a high degree of durability. Thanks to its operating temperature of -20°C to +65°C and IP67 certification, the RS3 defies almost any weather and is thus ideally equipped for most operating conditions.

The Emlid RS3 is equipped with a powerful 5200 mAh LiFePO4 industrial battery. This battery maintains its performance in both freezing and high temperatures and can withstand over 2000 charge cycles. This allows the RS3 to provide up to 22 hours of uninterrupted static recording. Even in demanding RTK (real-time kinematic) mode with cellular radio enabled, the RS3 lasts an impressive 18 hours – an increase from the 16 hours with its predecessor.

New features

A special highlight of the Emlid RS3 is its IMU-based tilt compensation – a feature previously only found in high-priced GNSS antennas from brands such as Trimble or Leica. With this technology, the RS3 delivers reliable measurement data even at tilt angles of up to 60°, with an impressive accuracy of 2 mm + 0.2mm / °. Thanks to real-time corrections, it always guarantees precise results, regardless of the tilt.

But what does this mean for the user? Tilt compensation not only makes the measurement process easier, but also faster. While the RS2+ still required meticulous alignment, the RS3 allows more leeway. Thus, more points can be measured in the same time as with the RS2+.

The following video impressively illustrates how much more time-saving the calibration of points with tilt compensation is compared to without.

The Emlid RS3 also scores with its new adaptive UHF receiver, which operates in the 410 – 470 MHz range and supports Trimble’s TRIMTALK 450S protocol. The special feature: It connects effortlessly with external UHF radios and other bases, regardless of their brand. This openness to different devices, coupled with the ability to obtain correction data from diverse bases, puts the RS3 at the top of its class.

Versatile software

Emlid stands not only for an excellent price-performance ratio in GNSS antennas, but also for a diverse software palette. This combination makes work not only more precise, but also more efficient and, above all, more user-friendly.

Emlid Flow

The Emlid Flow app opens the door to modern surveying technology. It combines intuitive data collection with flexible background map options. Whether you want to customize your coordinate system, log raw data, or export data in multiple formats, this app makes it possible. With the ability to sync up to three devices and a user-friendly interface, Emlid Flow sets new standards in surveying software. With Flow 360, Emlid also offers a way to synchronize data via cloud on different devices.

New additions include innovative tilt compensation features that allow you to track tilt and accuracy in real time, for example. Another optimization is that the RS3 can now also connect to the Emlid Flow app via Bluetooth. This was previously only possible via WLAN, which sometimes led to connection problems.

Emlid offers both a free and paid version of its popular surveying app. The free version allows users to collect and stake points, use different coordinate systems, and export data in common formats such as CSV, DXF, and SHP. The paid Survey version expands these features to include line collection and staking, use of WMS/WMTS layers, and satellite maps.

Emlid Studio & Caster

Emlid Studio, a free desktop application for Windows and macOS, allows not only precise PPK with raw data, but also geotagging of drone photos and conversion to RINEX formats. In parallel, Emlid Caster is available, an online tool for base and rover management. It is compatible with all Emlid Reach models and other receivers that support the NTRIP protocol. With it, you can effortlessly synchronize and manage up to 5 bases and 10 rovers. DJI Enterprise drones, such as the Mavic 3 Enterprise or M350, can also be used together with the Emlid Base via Emlid Caster.

Emlid Studio und Caster

Emlid is not only committed to first-class products, but also to outstanding customer service. Customers benefit from comprehensive support throughout the life of the product and also have access to helpful docs and tutorials.


The Emlid Reach RS3 is not only a milestone in surveying technology, but also a testament to Emlid’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With robust hardware, innovative software solutions, the RS3, just like its predecessor, offers unbeatable value for money. Add to this Emlid’s promise to provide support for the entire product life of the Reach RS3, making it an indispensable tool for any land surveying and mapping professional. The RS3 impresses with innovative features such as tilt compensation and a comprehensive package of software and support, allowing it to easily compete with renowned brands such as Trimble or Leica.

Do you want to invest in the future of surveying technology without breaking your budget?

Discover the Emlid Reach RS3 in our online store. If you have any questions or would like individual advice, especially about long-term support options, we will be happy to assist you. Experience measurement on a new level with the RS3 and get in touch with us.

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