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Comparison: Trinity Pro vs. F90+ – The new features and differences at a glance

In the world of drones, development never stands still and companies like Quantum Systems continue to set new standards. With their latest VTOL drone, the Trinity Pro, Quantum Systems has once again proven that they are one of the most innovative drone manufacturers in the industry. The Trinity Pro is the upgraded successor to the already powerful and efficient Trinity F90+. In this post, we’ll take a look at the many improvements and new features of the Trinity Pro, including how it differs from the Trinity F90+.

Increasing efficiency: construction service provider relies on surveying drone – AUGEL

Augel is a construction service provider for work in highly sensitive industrial plants and the energy sector. The company’s focus is always on state-of-the-art technical equipment. In search of a reliable solution for efficient surveying, Augel chose MOST Robotics as its partner. The result was not only a noticeable simplification of existing processes. The solution even allowed the company to make a valuable contribution to reconstruction after the floods in the Ahrtal.